Saturday, June 5, 2010

{ Love } Al Jannah sudah 3 bulan, dan mama boleh paham ape dia cakap..!

Wow. Time flies. Pejam celik pejam celik dah 3 bulan anak dara saya.

 This is Jannah, at 3 months. Dah nampak ke gorjesan dia kan. At 3 month, 
- Jannah dah kenal mama dia. Sometimes dia nangis kuat sangat and only wants the mama.
- Dah pandai nak pusing pusing kiri kanan.
- Dah pandai cakap. Ajak berborak. Jannah cakap banyak ok.. Dia suke bile papa or mama or aunty min borak2, she will start talking, and i love this so much. I dah ajak dia shopping. Dia cakap ok. heee. Pandai gegirl mama.
- Dah pandai merengek2, and when i've tried everything, the only thing yang boleh buat dia diam is to wrap her. she love being in wrap. so much..
- Dah pandai respond to toys. tolak2 with kaki dia. loves music. loves bile mama dia ngaji kat dia, sure diam je. sometimes dia akan cakap2 macam paham ape yang mama dia ngaji.
- Dah pandai menturtle - angkat2 kepala everytime the mama nak paksa dia sleep, and she refuse, dia akan angkat2 kepala mintak dukung..
- Abang Rayyan pun dah pandai ajak Jannah main. siap main cak cak and nyanyi lagu twinkle2 little star kat Jannah..

and you know what mama bought for her 3 month birthday..?

A Graham Bear Wear One Size fitted diaper. Sangat tempting kan..? Thank to mama danial&eva for the review. Sungguh terpengaruh and this cute print membuatkan I have no excuse for not to cloth-diapering.. baru pakai satu kali, nanti i buat review ok..

Owh, I'm planning to makeover this blog, more on a knowledge-sharing blog instead of a diary. Yeah. Do watch out for the make-over yer.

As for a start, let me share with you how i communicate and understand what Jannah tries to converse with me. I started this since Rayyan is one month old, while watching Oprah.. and this really helps. The Dunstan Baby Language. 

The Dunstan Baby Language teaches you to hear exactly what your baby is communicating. As a parent, you will be able to interpret your infant’s sounds and cries – and respond to their needs quickly and effectively.

Every newborn communicates from birth to 3 months uses 5 distinct sounds that signal hunger, tiredness, need to burp, lower wind/gas and discomfort.  This is regardless of the language their parents speak.  It is not a learned language.  Rather, it is a natural way for every baby to express their physical needs.

The ‘words’ that form the basis of what we have called the Dunstan Baby Language, are sounds that are based on baby’s physical responses. These are called reflexes.  For example, when a baby is hungry it will start to suck, and as sound is added to the reflex, the ‘word’ for hunger is produced. These are the baby’s first communications, which occur before actual crying develops. The sooner the ‘word’ for hunger is identified the sooner a parent can respond by feeding, resulting in less crying and less discomfort for baby - and for parents.. 

Basically, I try to understand how Jannah cries by the NEH, EH, HEH, EAIRH, OWH sign that she does. I did not buy the DVD, but instead belajar from youtube. You can find it, here ;p

Neh paling senang nak faham.. bile lidah baby mcm ke atas skit.. means dia dah lapar and need to be fed. Eh means dia tak selesa, nak burb or dukung tegak, head up. Heh means dia nak change, biasanya with kaki tendang tendang sekali.. sometimes this also means Jannah feels sejuk ke, panas ker..  Eairh means perut dia tak selesa, biasanya I will put Jannah meniarap or put in my lap, sambil urut2 belakang dia.. Owh means dia ngantuk. sometimes need to be feed, sometimes letak kat tilam tepuk2 dah boleh sleep. Try it..! 

You can download the free info here and here.. 

Good Luck.. and happy listening..!


mama fathinz 


Ummu Ibtisam @ Mardziah Mohd Lokoman said...

Salam. Kak Fathin sihat? Wah, banyak dah Jannah homeschool ye. Hehehe. Bagus! Boleh belajar banyak dari akak. Bila kita nak jumpa ni ye? Kita busy bulan 6 ni. Busy balik kampung :p.

fathinz md nor said...

heee. tu lah tadi pg coklat fair teringat kat awak. kite pun mcm tk sehat, bfeed rasa sakit skrg. esok g jusco yer.. alaa kite plak takde transport esok. nanti datang besday rayyan yer. insyaAllah ada rezeki nak jamu skit.

Jehan Najib said...

alahai kak fatin... gebunye baby!! semangat!

CT said...

interesting......shud try nanti..

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