Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tidur pun sampai mengigau upin ipin..

Rayyan and jannah is so obsessed with upin ipin. As much as i tried to control their tv viewing, upin ipin  can still be acceptable, for the good values they put inside every episode.

At the end of Syawal, we were invited to Kelab Upin Ipin open house. It's as Space U8, located near TTDI and bukit jelutung.. We were so lucky as upin ipin appears just 5 minutes after our arrival. To see Jannah and Rayyan's excited faces. Priceless.
It is so cute seeing upin ipin doing the chicken dance.
Rayyan with Jarjit
Sometimes Rayyan panggil Jannah with Kak Ros sebab jannah garang.. ;)
Space U8. A new office in shopping complex concept, i guess..

Apart from their daily homeschool activities, watching upin ipin is a must for now.. Rayyan dah boleh hafal each and every script. Sampai tidur pun mengigau upin ipin.. I should teach him Quran reading as much as he watch upin ipin.. mesti dia ngigau2 baca Quran pulak lepas nih kan best..

mama rayyanz

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