Friday, September 16, 2011

Menteri Kerja Raya's visit to Murni Childcare

Dear mom, 
i just want you to know that i'm proud of you, i am proud of what you do..
for the love you put in us, 10 of your children, and hundreds of 'amanah Allah' under your care.

21 years we build Murni Childcare, and I hope we will still grow, stronger. Each and every day.

I LOVE U, ummi..


1 comment:

~Dibo Used Items~ said...

as salam...

saudari,blh sy dptkan alamat taska ibu saudari ni tak??sy bcadang nak hantar anak saya kat sini ada kwn saya,dia x tahu alamatnya..kawan tu ada dlm frenlist fb saudari jgk - Nordziah Bakly...

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