Tuesday, July 13, 2010

{ homeschool } play with the dough

saya sedang baca buku 'Know Your Child' by Dr Miriam Stoppard, tiba2 rayyan nampak gamba plastesin. "Mama nak doh.. mama nak doh..." terus ajak maih doh.


Anonymous said...

wah rayyan..really tekun ngan "doh" dia..

mommy icha said...

salam breastfeed..

saya suka blog ni! simple but attractive.. and i also can learn about natural parenting naturally here.. i link urs in mine ya! tq!

fathinz md nor said...

intan, yer sangat tekun.. bile rayyan nak jumpe ecah nih...!
mommy icha, thanks visiting..! nanti kite jenguk2 rumah awak pula yer.. and thanks for the compliment. ;)

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