Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hari Sabtu- Eat Out Bersama Al Rayyan..

Mama suke let rayyan explore what he wants to eat.. 
Little al rayyan dah makin besar. now he likes to eat on his own. Mama was having lunch with papa, and aunty hanan, aunty husna. Kakak kedai tuh give rayyan fried fishball. Mama tk bg sangat food yg berminyak.. but just utk skit2 shud be ok i guess.
Later that evening, we went to Jusco Tebrau City, and had Johnny for dinner. Al rayyan loves steam food. Mama bagi rayyan the chance to explore and eat by his own. tgklah betapa comotnye anak mama mkn mihoon ni..

[Parenting tips]
Solids by age : 12 - 18 months
1. Fussy eater
Toddlers are notorious for being fussy eaters - they may refuse to eat the food they loved last week, or eat like a horse at one meal and consume practically nothing the next. 
Because of her newfound and growing independence and mobility, your toddler may just be too busy exploring her world to bother much with food. Don't worry, because he will eat, when she's hungary.
**Now, if rayyan hungary, dia pandai ajak mama pg meja makan or peti ais. So mama boleh tau rayyan need something to munch..

2. Learning to be independent
Though she may not be as interested in eating as you'd like, relax in the knowledge that she will eat enough for her needs. She should be able to feed herself with her fingers and will be interested in trying to feed herself with a spoon, though not all of the food will end up in her mouth. If she is very hungry, she may find that she can't feed herself as quickly as she would like, so she may still need your help. She can hold a feeding cup, and can eat the same food as the rest of the family (with a few exceptions, such as very strong or hot spices), as long as it's chopped into toddler-size pieces. Try to eat together as a family whenever you can. 
** We always make eating together as a daily routine. Paling best, duduk je kerusi makan, rayyan dah pandai tadah tgn sendiri utk baca doa.. great job handsome...!! mama sayang rayyan. Rayyan mmg suke makan sendiri. But mama suap jugak skit2, make sure he eat good. I find out that he eat much more when eating by himself rather than mama suapkan.

3. Keeping it healthy
try to keep fatty and / or sugary foods and drinks (such as sweets, crisps and sugary drinks) to a minimum.
**Mama as best as i can, try to give al rayyan healthy home made food. The most simple thing is to give him fruit. Banana, watermelon, apple, avocado are few or Rayyan's favourite. Every morning, mama will also cook bubur for rayyan..

4. Making food, fun!
Try getting more creative with your baby's meals. Do continue to offer her favourite foods, but offer new fruits and vegetables too, so she has every chance of enjoying a varied, nutritious diet. She may enjoy eating little trees of broccoli and cauliflower with fish or meat in a river of gravy and a "mountain" of mashed potatoes. Try cutting out sandwiches with pastry cutters: she may like fish shapes, stars, or hearts - the options are endless! 
**Rayyan most fun food is Mama;s cadbury chocolate.. oh kenot kenot sayang...

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